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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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how can you protect yourself? as we head towards tomorrow. >> reporter: stub hub, after all that's one of the changes we're is the world's largest tracking, plus a possible return ticket-selling company, which to more monsoon moisture in your makes it an attractive target forecast. for hackers, some of whom launched a ring to steal and scalp more than a million dollars of tix ets. from the rams to justin timberlake and jay sooechl. $1.6 million in tickets stolen and re-sold when russian hackers broke into ebay's ticket selling giant, stub hub. >> those tickets from resold and laundered through a global network of accomplices in the united states, united kingdom, russia and canada. >> reporter: seven arrests were made in what's being called an international seeker crime ring, a ring that started when people stole passwords from stub hub users. >> once they got in, they had access to all the personal
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identifying information which allowed them to make purchases. >> reporter: they had stub hub user passwords from other websites. yes, many of us use the sail passwords for many sites. but -- >> that's a surefire way to have your account taken over. >> reporter: security expert robert kapps who discovered the scam says use different passwords to protect yourself and data. >> even service providers. those data breeches result in user names and passwords being compromised. >> reporter: so as jay z might say, protect this by logging in with a new password. officials say the stub hub customers who had tickets stolen have since been reimbursed. among the charges filed, possession of stolen property and identity theft.
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. now if you need nor reasons to change your password from site to site, take a look at the sites recently hacked, they include target, walgreens, nordstrom and michael's, and a construction crew's mistake led to some tense moment this morning in east san jose. payp paypal. an oakland mother who left her kids in the car while she the crew struck a gas line while gambled is in legal trouble. working on a project on south capital avenue. people nearby were ordered to she left her kids in the car and stay inside their homes for about an hour while pg&e crews went to place her bets. today she was charged with two counts of child endangerment. capped that line. passengers on the rail line had her kids are in protective to transfer to buses. custody. scary moments at six flags it was a mad dash for cash in vallejo when a small brush fire broke out. an ember from the brush fire caught on camera. it happened near san jose international airport. landed on the roof of the this is a busy roadway. and plenty of people stopped to grab what they could.
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thrilla, grilla ride. robert honda has the video, and several rides were shut down as maybe an ethical dilemma. a precaution. and the birds from an exhibit >> reporter: a lot of things go were moved. thankfully, no one was hurt. through your mind in a strange president obama in l.a. situation, especially here when tonight after spending the day money was swirling through the fund-raising in the bay area. air. listen to what some people did he arrived at l.a.x. and did not do. an armored car caused quite a commotion when apparently bags and the fund-raiser is co-hosted of money got loose tuesday afternoon. with so many bills flying all around, the guard couldn't gather up all the money. by kerry washington. >> i seen the guy with his hands earlier today he was in llos al stacked with money, and he's still trying to grab the money with his hands, you know, but he hills. >> reporter: there was quite the had too much money in his hands, party at the home behind me. there's no way he could get it. it was the first of two >> reporter: another observer admitted to mixed feelings, fund-raisers. he came down here for lunch. watching so many people about 90 people attended the gathering up loose money. event. it was less than two hours, but >> i don't know what kind of man i am. the group raised about a million if my kids are there, i'm the dollars for the democratic kind of guy that would turn it in for sure. party. where the president goes, the but if the kids aren't there to
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be taught a lesson those are the crowds tend to follow. tough decision. that was evident from when he >> reporter: police tell us left his hotel this morning, anybody taking that loose cash going blocks to another san would be committing theft if francisco hotel for the first of two fund-raisers. >> i'd like to see the they can reasonably tell who it president, but i see a car. belongs to. >> some agencies will contact >> reporter: in los altos hills, the agency and turn it in to them if it's unclaimed. photographers had their cameras but there are different lengths ready, some even practicing what of time in which each agency will hold onto that property. they'd say to the leader of the >> reporter: again, it is still free world. >> hello president obama. investigating the incident and i admire your work and i am a declined to discuss further supporter of yours. details. police say the company has not >> reporter: others used it as an opportunity to rally for a officially reported the incident or the lost cash. live in santa clara, robert cause. honda. some are urging the president to very interesting. just weeks before school starts reform immigration laws. and cal state university >> that they stop the officials say they'll have to deportations now. >> reporter: across the street from the peninsula fund razor, cut enrollment growth from 20,000 to 10,000 students. palestinian supporters waved signs while waiting for the simple reason, state funding president's motorcade to drive fell short of expectations. the announcement was made by. yesterday to the board of trustees. they had been lobbying for a >> we'res saying he's in one of funding increase of $238
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million. but it will stay at the nearly those cars. $143 million proposed by >> reporter: ten grand just to governor brown. get in the door. the campuses may have to close spring enrollment to new the vip treatment would set transfer students. they may have to defer many maintenance needs and limit hiring. guests back with lunch and a he's a postal worker accused picture with the guest of honor. of stealing mail, and a federal >> it was good to hear him in grand jury indicted him. person. >> reporter: guests say the president talked about the he was an award winner at the economy and the importance of raising minimum wage. he also thanked them for ongoing post ofts, but now he's going to support. >> i think he's hopeful for have to answer to a new that. he'd like to see a good showing indictment, possessing marijuana in november for the democrats. with the intent to sell it and he thinks that will help. >> reporter: the president has visited the bay area 18 times stolen mail and stealing mail. since he was elected president. he faces a maximum of five years he's already in l.a. there are a couple fund-raisers. in prison for each charge. and tomorrow he will speak at a community college. a federal hearing was reporting live in los altos hills, michelle roberts. scheduled for phenomenon for water cops will soon be leland yee, but it's been hitting the streets. they voted to hire up to ten people to crackdown on water canceled. a previous indictment is tossed
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waste. the district wants to you join out and a new one is filed with the water fight. possibly more criminal charges. it's offering a friday aee app nbc bay area broke the arrest of senator yee in march. enabling you to tell on naughty saved from the chopping block. a rare redwood tree in the north water abusers. bay will be moved out of the way >> reporter: you can even of a railroad construction include a photo, but some fear project. tree experts and neighbors it will pit neighbor against rallied to save this rare albino neighbor. redwood. it was growing about 10 feet water wasters beware. your neighbors are watching, and away from the tracks. now they have a simple way to leaders decided to move it to report your conservation crime. the water district has a special the new station. crews will dig up the tree next month. construction on the new 43-mile app that allows you to take a photo of water waste and give an track will begin next april. let's check in with rob address. >> we can't be everywhere. so people can be the eyes and ears of the community to see a problem. oftentimes the people don't mayeda. >> no lightning. recognize a problem. they may have a sprinkler head that's one change. we are seeing 60s and 70s that's broken. >> reporter: and you can do it all anonymously. outside. 74 around san jose. this person used the app to
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mostly clear. report a sprinkler in sunnyvale just a few high clouds going by. san francisco, quite that had been spouting water for interesting. we have a sea breeze going for a week. the water cops who are expected you. instead of dropping typically to begin in about a month will into the low 50s and 60s, we're still sitting at 68 degrees. the lack of upwelling, the cooler water that typically comes up from below is not check on the complaints. happening right now with the some question whether the app is weak winds. we're seeing numbers as low as just a high-tech way of water 67 degrees in monterey. shaming. she does not support the approach. >> it's not appropriate. if you're going to report right now winds are onshore. someone for doing something that's going to help out wrong, then stand behind it with fairfield and livermore to cool who you are and stand up and say down, at least it did today. but that sea breeze is going to this is what they did, and i will testify to it. turn weaker especially by >> reporter: the district admits tomorrow and by friday and the reporting system could be saturday, you'll see the temperatures climb up. abused by feuding neighbors, low clouds creeping back into which is why it encourages you to leave your name so water cops san francisco. very likely we'll have mist with can let you know how the problem was resolved. some of this my pressure. it squishes the fog to the anonymous or not, the district surface. sees it as a way to have more so you're probably going to see some of that for tomorrow's
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eyes watching for waste, helping commute. the interesting weather has conserve a precious resource. moved off to the north. >> now if you want to get that just low clouds around the bay app, all you have to do is go to area. all that mid-level moisture is our website, click on the top up here in nevada. story box and it will take you to a link where you can download snow there across the highest peaks of the cascades. it. two convicted child that is a system moving away murderers will spend the rest of from us. their lives in prison. high pressure building in behind lawrence dennard was convicted it. that's going to lead to the in 2011, dennard, who is a known temperatures climbing up. it's going to clear out our gang member killed the boy while skies. during the day tomorrow, that's shooting at other gang members. the future cast we haven't seen also sentenced to life in prison in a while, nothing but clear skies and even some sunshine for is willie torrens. the coast tomorrow. notice the temperature trend as the murder sparked quite we move forward. tomorrow morning we should be community outrage. waking up to 60s and 70s even the three year old was on his way to the grocery store with along the coast. his parents when he was hit and we will see these numbers around lunch time approaching the killed by a stray bullet. still ahead, one guest mid-80s, close to 90 by noon in that's overstaying his welcome. the legal loophole on a popular fairfield. and san jose, watch the south bay, starting to climb up with rental site leaving one owner 90s popping up south of san with little wiggle room, plus. a cell phone captures it all jose. and around fairfield and livermore, highs in 90s.
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as an armored car leads to a we'll have a look at the return dash for cash. of monsoon moisture in our seven why this isn't just a case of finders keepers. day forecast in the next half right now we're seeing hour. still ahead, maybe you need temperatures in the 70s. less than you thought. fairly comfortable outside. but we have 90s in the forecast new clues could mean less means more. and a store looking for a new home. why it's facing the same fate as many customers. a san francisco woman hoped to earn a little bit of money by putting her apartment up for rent on air b and b. what she got, next on nbc bay area news.
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facebook is making big money. a 61% revenue jump in the past year alone. we had a good second quarter. that's the quote from mark zuckerberg today as second quarter earnings were announced. they beat expectations. and stocks were up to $74 a share in company trading. the company could hit a record high when the stock market opens tomorrow morning. air b and b has been adding options to your travel plans, but there is a dark side for owners. a san francisco woman decided to rent out her apartment in a gated community, but the renter there is refusing to leave. mark matthews is live at air b and b headquarters. i imagine the company is now trying to respond to this problem. they must be feeling some heat
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and responsibility. >> reporter: they are. they've got and lot of ink over this story that they did not want. the company not making anyone available to talk to us in person. the owner of the apartment, they will court cost ver the cost of 44-day rental. a process server tries and fails to serve an eviction notice on the squatters. the texas man has outstayed his reservation and is refusing to leave and refusing to pay. an expert in landlord/tenant law tells me the apartment owner is in trouble. >> person is not a trespasser. he had permission to come in. so if were you to call the police and ask the police to ejebt the person the police would likely say, hey, it's a civil matter. >> reporter: and a civil matter that could take months to resolve. >> if it's uncontested, it could take six to eight weeks. and if it becomes contested, at
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least another month, so easily three months. >> reporter: william hall says renters who put up their property on air b and b often don't understand the risks. >> i think there's a lot of naivete. >> reporter: he says if you're going to rent your property you need to be prepared. >> you need to in advance really document what the terms and conditions are. >> reporter: air b and b stresses that the majority of its transactions go very well. in this case, it says it's going to offer unspecified legal assistance to the san francisco owner of this palm springs apartment. and in the statement told nbc bay area that the company is reviewing its procedures and making changes to its platform to give hosts more information about long-term reservations. air b and b is telling hosts essentially, check up on potential renters online. see if they've been review bid other hosts, but our experts say it's tough enough to find a decent tenant even when you have
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credit records. online references tend to focus on the quick and easy. san francisco's one of four u.s. cities that could bid on the 2024 olympics. giants ceo larry bear is heading to talk about that bid. they are joining representatives from l.a., boston, and washington, d.c. to see if the usoc will present a bid. they are still trying to determine if they want to host those 2024 games. still ahead, the new legal trouble for apple. what thousands of store owners say they aren't getting that they say they deserve. hillary clinton is back in the bay area. what she's recommending that all parents start doing immediately.
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nearly a week after a fiery plane crash in eastern ukraine, the first victims are back home. thousands came out to pay their respects for those who lost their lives in the malaysia airlines crash.
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new at 6:30, not just president obama, but hillary clinton also in the bay area today. the former first lady and
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secretary of state keeping a very high profile. she remains mum about a possible presidential run, but she continues to craft her message of public service. jodi hernandez is in oakland with clinton's new strategy for early childhood learning. >> reporter: former first lady hillary clinton came to the children's hospital campus in oakland today to launch a new campaign -- not a presidential bid -- but one the mother and soon to be grandmother says is just as important. ms. fischer makes sure she reads to her little ones every day, and the girls eat it up. >> she reads to me, and she takes care of me. >> reporter: but many oakland children aren't so lucky. a recent study shows only 52% of oakland's low-income parents read daily to their children. >> because they hear fewer
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words, they learn fewer words, and they begin school with smaller vocabularies and struggle to catch up. >> reporter: now first lady hillary clinton is adding her name to the effort to turn that around. she came to launch a new campaign, soon hospital waiting rooms, bill boards will be the care teeiry being new messages,g parents to sing or talk or read to their little ones. >> you can talk about being in the bus, in the supermarket. it really doesn't matter as long as you talk. >> reporter: she sat down with a few little ones to read and chat, just as she once did with her own daughter chelsea. >> we read her books all the tile. i sometimes thought when she was pre-verbal she was thinking enough, enough of the reading. >> reporter: but kids can't get enough. and parents are grateful clinton's sharing that message.
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>> oakland absolutely needs this. absolutely. >> reporter: now you're looking at some of the items that paints who bring their children to the hospital or doctors office will get, blankets and tote bags with positive messages, urging the parents to read to their children. again, this is a collaboration, backed by the clinton foundation and a non-profit called next generation out of san francisco. if it's successful, it will be duplicated across the country. reporting live in oak land, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the stormer secretary of state refused to answer any questions regarding that growing nun of international issues. but for the second day in a row, u.s. planes were ordered to avoid tel aviv as hamas and israel continue to be locked in a battle. rockets are too close to the airport. airport officials insist that it
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is safe to fly and that the world is overreacting. there has been another airline crash, this time in taiwan. 47 people are confirmed dead after an airliner crashed and burst into flames during stormy weather. it was flying from the main island of taiwan to a smaller island off the country's west coast. there were more than 50 people on board when this crashed into homes near the airport. 11 people were rescued. a typhoon was hitting taiwan at the time of the crash. in the meantime, the first group of bodies from the malaysian airlines crash have arrived in the netherlands for identification of two-thirds of that flight were dutch. janelle wang is here with the story. and the video of the hearses so difficult to watch. >> depending on the conditions of the bodies, identification could take anywhere from days to weeks to even months. the first 40 bodies landed in
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the netherlands this morning. the dutch king, queen and prime minister were at the airport along with hundreds of victims' families. each body was given its own coffin and hearse to try to restore so. dignity lost when the remains laid in the field in eastern ukraine for days. thousands lined the roadways as the coffins were taken to a military base to be identified. in eastern ukraine, investigators are finding more holes in the wreckage, indicating a missile explosion. they are also looking for more bodies. about 100 have yet to be recovered. as for who shot down the plane, evidence continues to point to pro-russian rebels. they can't confirm if the russian government was involved but they still placing blame on them. >> that does lead us to believe that russia does bear a great responsibility. >> reporter: miles from the crash site, two more planes were shot town today.
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the ukrainian government says it was two of their fighter jets. this time pro-russian rebels are taking responsibility, placing this video on youtube. as for the black boxes, they have arrived in england to be analyzed. the voice recorder is damaged but the data inside is still in tact. banks on business in mexico. governor brown is flying to mexico on a mission to support projects. he met with mexico's secretary of foreign affairs today in sacramento. they spoke about the surge of immigrant children crossing the border from central america. he says the crisis should not be treated like a political issue. >> it's really a humanitarian issue. and i'm happy to see a number of conservatives have take and more compassionate view. i think if we do that, we'll be able to work it out. >> and certainly california's willing to do its part. >> this is governor brown's official trip to mexico since
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returning to office three years ago. he has also invited mexico's president to california later this year. a san francisco art store popular with painters is finding itself in the same trouble as its customers, without a place to share its wares. >> reporter: san francisco's history is a long, colorful one, and so is the story of flax art and design store. >> and we got our start here in san francisco in 1938. >> reporter: here color leaps from the shelves, and from a plain gray cabinet upstairs. >> this is our history cabinet. these are some of the old catalogs that we had. >> reporter: howard -- >> that's my dad. >> reporter: -- paints a picture of the beginning. >> he moved from new jersey with
6:26 pm
$100, and opened up shop on kearney street. >> reporter: the store moved a couple times before landing on market street 27 years ago. >> this is my grandma sylvia. >> reporter: some call it an art supply store. >> generally we consider ourselves a creative department store. >> reporter: selling the keys to imagination. >> an old fountain pen, like the words are swimming in the ink. >> i've been working here for 40 years. >> reporter: this strip of market street. >> it was a rough place when we first moved over here. >> reporter: but now all along the streets, all shiny condos have sprouted up. and soon this corner where flax sits will sprout them too. >> this building's going to get torn down and will be another eight or nine story high rise. >> reporter: like many customers who lost homes in the economic boom, flax is now searching for a new home. >> finding 25,000 square feet of
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retail in san francisco is going to be difficult. >> reporter: it's almost time in these high-tech times to visit a place that inspires people to turn their computers off. >> symmetry versus asymmetry. >> doing work with art where you get your hands dirty. >> reporter: howard says the store will stay where it is for t the next 16 months. hopefully there will be a new chapter. nbc bay area news. >> it is a local treasure. coming up at 6:00, dogs have feelings too, but do they get jealous? we'll show you the new research. and i'm sam brock. the very thought of them can make your skin crawl. i'm talking about mosquitoes, which aside from making you itch can also transmit viruses like the west nile. you've probably seen the fogging trucks out in full force.
6:28 pm
should you be concerned? a little bit of a different story thomas the temperatuomorr start to climb up. the heat back in the seven day forecast. a look at that when we come back.
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and now that lawsuit against apple from its employees. this time they're accusing the
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coup tee know company of not providing meal breaks. others are suing for waiting up to 40 minutes to have their bags searched. they are involved in another lawsuit for allegedly conspiring with other tech companies to keep wages low. for years, eight has been the recommended number of sleep hours, but now a new study suggests that seven is the number. the brain functions at its highest level after seven hours. people who sleep between six and a half to seven and a half have the lowest death rate than those who sleep less. experts agree that skimping on a full night sleep can negatively effect memory, health and make
6:32 pm
you gain weight. there's new evidence today that suggests that dogs get jealous. dogs may become aggressive and pushy when competing for their owners' affection. their rival was a plush toy dog that barked and wagged its tail. they found that the animals were too times likely to push or touch the owner when they were playing with the fake dog. that may be a way of trying to break the human connection with the toy dog or other dog. >> all right. >> i believe it. >> okay. rob. weather, it would have been nice to walk the dog today. we didn't have any thunderstorms or problems with rain today. just a little breezy in fremont today. lots of sunshine. heat is coming back to the forecast. we'll talk more about 90s when we come right back. rob, i can't wait. i love the warm weather. after a 14-inning win last night, the giants back at it tonight in philly.
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but another long night could be in the cards. details straight ahead. and vernon davis back in business. training camp is officially under way. we'll hear from the happy 49ers squad coming up in sports.
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well, the west nile virus is causing quite a stir. fogging trucks have rolled out hoping to prevent an outbreak in human infection. >> in tonight's reality check, sam brock looks at the chances that west nile virus could impact you and your family. >> those fogging trucks are going and for a reason. the santa clara county in particular has seen a huge spike in infected birds and insects. and health officials confirm it
6:36 pm
is cause for concern. we delph into what is really going on. >> there's a reasonable chance if you live in the south bay you've seen this. fogging trucks out fogging the streets. suspicions lingering in the air as far as how this affects the twes nile virus. >> if fogging is happening, that means that two other things have occurred before, birds detected positive. >> reporter: he is a parasitologist who practices at kaiser permanente and teaches at stanford. he says you first have to look for infected animals like birds who serve as meals for these insects. and there are plenty of them around here. this is the california official west nile website. santa clara has 429 cases of
6:37 pm
infected birds this year. not only tops in the state, but four times as more than the next closest county. given how many case we've seen of dead birds, does this pose a tremendous risk to humans? >> i would not say it's tremendous at this point, but the unknown is what we're concerned enough to take on fogging. >> reporter: it's one of many steps health officials say will help you from contracting this illness. >> they do what's caused integrated pest management. so there's many, many, many layers of prevention. >> reporter: this is santa clara county's public health officish who tells us all kinds of steps. here's the result so far. 15 reported cases in humans in
6:38 pm
california, not one in santa clara county. she recommends measures to prevent infection, such as eliminating standing water around your house, a pool of water on your back yard, potted plant, if it's not circulating, get rid of it. avoid going outside around dusk or dawn. if you do, wear long sleeves or bug repellant. being proactive will keep these infection numbers down and you safe. and we are heading into the peak time for west nile cases -- august and september. and human infections could spring up here. still the reality is this. our public health officials say they have thoroughly prepared for west nile. our local doctors are keeping a keen eye out for symptoms. there's no need to get swept up in west nile mania.
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let's turn things over to rob mayeda. >> we're seeing mostly sunny skies right now. 74 degrees in san jose, and minus those tropical clouds we've seen building over the hilltops the last couple of afternoons. that moisture has moved on. sill relatively mild, 66 in san francisco. you see 70 in the east bay. breezy as times as you can see from the emeryville camera. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour for you this evening. this is typical of what happens in july. you get the late-day sea breeze that comes in. but with those ocean temperatures, that sea breeze is not quite as cool as we're accustomed to. overnight tonight we'll see low clouds coming no. areas of coastal fog for tomorrow morning. what's lift of the fog should break up pretty quickly. valleys, 80s and 90s by lurns
6:40 pm
time. so going beyond today's temperatures. by 3:00 and 4:00, the tri valley will reach the 90s. 70s and 80s for the rest of the bay. this little heat wave will reach its peak by thursday and friday. it's gotten wrapped up into an impressive system in the northwest bringing record rainfall to the north and much needed rain to the wildfires in washington. closer to home over the next couple days we talked about the warm sea surface temperatures helping to keep the coast in those numbers only in the low 60s thanks to the warm ocean temperatures. but it's the heat building in the valley that will get your attention starting tomorrow. pretty warm start to the day. 60s and 70s from 7:00 to 8:00. then by noon you see the temperatures starting to climb on up. near 90 at noon.
6:41 pm
over towards fairfield and san jose, reaching the 80s. and tomorrow, getting closer to 90. and the heat that we're seeing set up for thursday should reach its peak intensity by friday. then we're also watching a chance of seeing monsoon moisture creeping in for the second half of the weekend. tonight we see high pressure building back in. temperatures climbing into the 90s. closer to san francisco in the 80s by saturday and sunday. as this begins to weaken, notice the clouds spilling in. southeasterly flow begins to set up so that by sunday, sierra thundershowers, and maybe by monday and tuesday that may spillback towards the bay area. stay tuned. more clouds. sar to toe ga and morgan hill,
6:42 pm
80s. pleasanton, 93 degrees, and it will be the interior valleys 100 degrea degrees. after three days of mid to upper 90s. excellent training camp weather. the giants, not so good weather. their game's on hold. it's raining in philly. jim kozimor joins us next. no rush, andy.
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jim kozimor's with us, and this is a big day. we have the raiders and niners getting back in action. we like this. >> i'm feeling good. football. i can smell it. it's in the air, gak. 2014 training see soon beginning today with the veterans and rookies showing up for the first day of camp. there was intrigue around vernon davis. would he show up or continue his hold out from the summer of otas. at 9:00, t.j. spillman posted video celebrating his return to the club and colin kaepernick. he always knew that number 85 would be back. >> oh, it's great to have vernon on the field. looks good, excited to have him back out here. vernon is a pro bowl tight end, one of the best in the league. there's not going to be too much of a fallout from him. i don't any anybody's concerned about that.
6:46 pm
he's a good guy. he's done a lot for this organization. and he's made a lot of great plays for us. and we're happy he's here. on to the raiders we go. they also opened training camp today. 41 new faces reporting to napa. it was like the first day of new school, everyone getting to know their teammates and excited for what the future could hold, for the new look, silver and black. >> looking forward to the process, taking it day by day. the media stuff is new to me. but football, i've been playing it for a while. this is what i love to do. >> you have new players coming in after i've been here for a year, and players that are unproven, that gives us an a little bit of added energy around here. so we're looking to capitalize om that. out on the diamonds, hunter pence giving cpr, making sure he's okay.
6:47 pm
they're beet in good clean unis. bumgarner getting dirty. both of them quickly become being the dirtiest, filthiest players in the game. lightning would strike, literally. then we get poncho problems for this guy. help that guy! maybe the only thing sweeter than a win at the coliseum, how about a's rootbeer float day. all of the money will benefit the juvenile diabetes research foundation. the team has raised over $350,000 for the foundation through rootbeer float day. >> it's a great cause, obviously. and my daughter is infected with type one diabetes, so it's dear to my heart. but anything we can do, where it's managers, players, anything, we're all about it.
6:48 pm
it's a special place in my heart with my daughter, lexie. >> a good rootbeer float. i like a coke float or an orange float like a dream sickle. try that after your dinner tonight. back to you two. >> i like the cream sickle. >> i'm dressed like a cream sickle. >> you said it, not me. >> yummy. it's yummy. >> we'll see you at 11:00. thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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did you hear about the abominable ice cream man? what's that? he's a crazy ice cream eating monster who loves creamy delicious tillamook ice cream. (whispering) seriously? (door creaks) he's fast. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better. ncis star pauley perrette rushed to the er after a beauty treatment disaster. now on "extra."
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shocking new photo. ncis's pauley perrette face swollen. how hair dye triggered a severe allergic reaction. and the new warning today. >> the color could be putting millions of women in danger. leann rimes and eddie cibrian step into the "extra" confessional. >> what's your favorite rumor? >> the racy new album cover. and -- >> get ready, we are doing a couples quiz showdown. >> the question should be how many pairs does he own.
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